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The purpose of these forums are to provide a place for people to ask questions about a service.
Eg. I need a plumber to install a faucet, who can help me?

Please post your questions in the correct forums, if you post it in the News Feed it will get lost, people will only scroll down so far and then stop, if you post in the forum it will still show in the News Feed but will remain in the forum for discussion.

When asking a question please be as detailed as possible, if you have photos that might help get your question answered better you can post them.

It would help and benefit the Hurt Pocket community to leave a review if you do go ahead and get a service done with someone after the job is complete. You can leave the review in the same thread your ask the question.

This website is not a place for buyers and sellers. To post an item for sale, someone would have to request it, then you can post the item for sale.
Eg. I’m looking for a pressure washer.

Any issues please send an email:

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